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B2B Round 2

Online B2B on Textile, Fashion and Accessories

WiB is organizing an online B2B for suppliers and clients in the Textile, Fashion and Accessories sectors in MENA countries and Germany on October 21, 2021.

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Our partnership through the GPP program has helped us to expand our learnings, work to our strengths, and mobilize a bigger audience to support a very important cause: the Women on Board Initiative. Our German partner the VdU has been a key player in our planning and in launching the initiative. ”
Eva Aouad Turk, General Secretary at LLWB
Research estimates that closing the gender gap in the labour market could increase the gross domestic product (GDP) by more than 25% per capita in the MENA economies
OECD, 2014
The international network and collaboration done through the partnership project has increased SEVE international relationship with other women association in the MENA region and the association has greatly benefited from it
Farida Guerfi, President of SEVE
In Germany, 43% is the proportion of new businesses are founded by women
German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), 2019
GPP has been our strategic partner for more than 4 years now. Through our collaboration with GPP, BWE 21 has witnessed a noticeable growth in the number of services, workshops and activities it offers its members which is reflected in the yearly increase in number of enrolled members
Yomna el Sheridy, President of BWE 21
The successful cooperation between the VdU and the businesswomen associations in the MENA region is now in its 5th year. I am impressed by how much the entrepreneurs have in common. The project enables them to know one another and gain a better understanding of the others’ culture.
Claudia Große-Leege, Managing Director of VdU

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