The Women in Business Network (WiB) is pleased to announce an open call for the members of our partner associations in Algeria (SEVE), Egypt (BWE21), Lebanon (LLWB) and Tunisia (CNFCE) working in the creative industry sector to design and produce a gift to be distributed at the forthcoming annual assembly of our partner in Germany, the VdU, to be held in June 2022.

The creative industry is a fast-growing industry worldwide. Among the members of our partner associations in the MENA region, a large number of businesswomen are working in this field producing highly innovative and creative products.

WiB is aiming to promote the creativity and diversity of the designs and products produced by the enterprises of the member companies in Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia.

What is Creative WiB?

WiB is launching its program “Creative WiB” which includes the following:

  1. Participating in three workshops tackling the following subjects Changing Face of Retail, Does my Product have a Future Abroad and on the topic of sustainability, which will make you familiar with the export potential of your products to Germany.
  2. An info session will take place on 10th of February with the experts of the VdU in order to inform you about the open call and the content of the workshops which will be offered by German VdU experts.
  3. All submissions will be evaluated by a jury of 5 members representing the 5 member associations of WiB.
  4. The winner will be invited to Germany in June 2022 to attend the General Assembly of the VdU (Corona regulations for entering Germany will be checked and communicated to the winner).
  5. The product chosen will be produced and imported to Germany and will be put in the conference “goodie bag”.
  6. The winner will be awarded the prize at the General Assembly of the VdU in Munich in June 2022. All her expenses (travel and hotel) will be covered according to the Federal Travel Law.

To submit the application and the design, the participant has to attend all three workshops of the program and be a member of one of the partner associations: BWE21, CNFCE, LLWB and SEVE.

 The product can be made out of textiles, leather and/or other light material to facilitate transportation and the related logistics.

 It should be an item used for daily life or an accessory.

To submit please fill in the application form and upload a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint presentation can consist of a max. of 5 slides covering all the following: a. design (photo of the prototype, sketch), b. description of the material(s) used, c. functionality/usage, d. weight of the product, e. cost of production for 250-300 pieces, f. other comments 

The presentation can be submitted in English or in French.

The info session will take place on February 10th at 5 pm CET

The workshops are scheduled on February 21st and March 9th, 16th 2022 at 5 p.m. CET

The submission will be open on March 21st for 10 days. The last day of submission is on March 31st, at 11:59 pm.

Announcement of the winner: April 13th, 2022

Prize: Travel and accommodation cost to attend the General Assembly of the VdU

The product will be included in the goodie bag of the VdU conference

  • Is there a money prize for the winner?

No, the prize will be limited to the travel invitation to Germany incl. covering the flight ticket and the accommodation

  • Who will pay the production cost?

The candidates shall include an exact calculation of production cost for 200-250 pieces of the product in their submission and will be one of the criteria to be evaluated by the jury members. The Creative WiB program will cover the production cost of the winning item according to the cost stated in the submission.

  • Do I have to attend all workshops?

Yes, in order to be able to submit a proposal, the participant has to actively participate in all three workshops

  • Do I have to stick to a max. of 5 slides for the submission?

Yes, the PowerPoint presentation must follow the outline described under “how to submit”.

  • How many products will be selected?

Only one product will be selected and produced.