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The Women in Business Network contributes to connecting businesswomen and enhancing economic regional integration and increasing trade and export in the MENA region. The network raises awarness on the topics of Women on Boards and Women in STEM and strives to promote the economic role of women in top leadership positions and in STEM sectors. Finally, WiB is a network open not only to established businesses or start ups but also to females founders who are senior professional women that want to embark into the entrepreneurship journey.

WiB Themes
Women on Boards
Empowering women in business comes with their representation in top management positions. Through this platform we aim to support partners in transferring success strategies to the target country and implement programmes and intitatives.
Women in STEM
The proportion of women in STEM employment is still alarmingly low. Education and career opportunities in STEM must be inclusive and overcome the gender-specific occupational distribution in societies. We are implementing various initiatives with our partners such as She Made it Algeria or Girls got IT in Lebanon.
Export Promotion
One of our aims out of creating the network is to support and empower our members and help them grow their business. Entering new markets through export is one way to achieve such growth.
Female Founders
Seniors are increasingly interested in becoming entrepreneurs and can provide precious knowledge and skills for budding entrepreneurs. The WiB network is also a platform open for female founders that are seeking advice to go into business for themselves while exploring ways to benefit from their knowledge and skills.
Regional Integration
Deepening the economic integration matters, because it will contribute significantly to growth, employment and poverty reduction within the MENA region. The network connects businesswomen of different sectors with each other, shares their stories and offers them a unique opportunity to expand their businesses.

More about Women on Boards

What we do

- Women on Board Working Groups in partner associations

- Exchange of good practices

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Women on Boards, is a topic of global concern. While the number has been increasing throughout the years, the progress is still low. Governments regionally and globally have resorted to enforcing quotas as a measure to ensure women’s presence on boards, since steps taken in that direction were quite slow. Regionally we see Egypt and Lebanon have taken positive steps. We aim through this theme to accelerate this process, empowering women and companies alike. We hope to see more women on boards and we hope our region becomes an example for the world. We are happy to see in some countries like in Egypt and Lebanon more female Ministers. We are happy to see Egypt enforce a quota on all companies enlisted in the Egyptian stock market to have at least one female board member. Our partner in Lebanon was inspired by the German experience and started a great campaign in Lebanon called Women on Board 2025 has been working in partnership with the private sector, the public sector and international organizations on various activities to achieve 30% women on boards.

More about Women in STEM

What we do

- SheMadeIT: Sharing role models with young female STEM students

- Raising awareness about doing your own business for women who have a STEM background

- Cooperation with the MINT (STEM) Commission of the VdU

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The lack of female representation and perspective in STEM manifests over and again through different examples every day. An industry dominated by male perspective will not be able to consider the needs of women, which are half of the population. The enrollment of more women in STEM and keeping them through the STEM career pipeline is not a luxury, rather a necessity. We take pride that in the MENA region, almost 50% of young women study STEM subjects – a percentage much higher than other developed regions such as Europe. We try through our collaborations to further encourage initiatives tackling this topic from a young age. We hope to be able to guide women in facing the implicit bias they face at each step. We inspire through the great examples in our network hoping to create a balance in the future. We are a backbone for each other.

A major success story of our activities here is our cooperation with the VdU and our partner in Lebanon, LLWB, which resulted in bringing the German event “The Girls Day” to Beirut. Further, LLWB is organizing on a regular basis the event “Girls got IT

More about Export Promotion

What we do

- B2B and business delegations

- WiB portal accessible to businesswomen in MENA

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One of our aims out of creating the network is to support and empower our members and help them grow their business. Entering new markets through export is one way to achieve such growth. We developed a two modules program for our partners in the MENA region to explore new export opportunities in the MENA region and Europe. Through our various activities we strive to help our members access new markets. A special focus is put on the agribusiness and the IT sector. Our members have well established businesses locally and are mostly ready to take the next step towards entering the global scene.

We are currently working on launching a digital B2B portal which will play a role in supporting the trade opportunities of the businesswomen across the MENA region.

The future is female. The future can not do without the female perspective, for true transformation can not happen without being inclusive of half of the world’s population. The path is being slowly paved by the brave ones who dare to face the many challenges that female founders face just because of their gender. They open doors for the rest of us. They make the presence of women as founders the norm. We in WiB understand how tough the journey can be. Hence, we created this sphere as a support network for women who want to take up this challenge. Being in a network of female business founders and owners is not only an inspiration for the new ones but also an encouragement to see what is possible. We have witnessed firsthand with many of our members what additional challenges women as founders face and it does need a lot of persistence and support. That should not hold you back, WiB is here to support.

Visibility, b2b and growth are the three values that represent our network. They also fully represent this sphere. One of the main benefits of the network is to connect the members, which allows for visibility. We connect businesses, which allows for creation of new b2b relations. When the visibility is established and the new relations built, we witness the creation of new opportunities, in other words these actions finally translate into growth.

Our network is a regional network. Hence, we are able to create these ties and new opportunities on a regional scale, sharing best practices and promoting growth on a different level.